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(It might help, before proceeding further, to recall that languages have words for the letters in their alphabets.Often these words contain they letter they are naming.Over the centuries, this interpretation of Ezekiel 9:4 has been taken seriously by saints and scholars alike.

The Sign of the Cross simply affirms in gestures the core of the creed—the existence of the Trinity and the crucifixion of Jesus.As then-Cardinal Ratzinger once described it, the Sign of the Cross as the “summing up and re-acceptance of our baptism.” What did this sign or seal look like? For that, we have to go deeper into the Scriptures.Commentators, both Catholic and Protestant, have seen Revelation 7:3 as an allusion back to Ezekiel 9:4, where we read God’s instructions to a linen-clad man in one of the prophet’s visions: “Lord said to him: Pass through the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and mark …In Revelation 14:1, John sees the same assembly of believers with the “name” of the Father and Son on their foreheads.And, in Revelation 22:4, while an angel is leading John on a tour of the New Jerusalem that descended out of heaven, he is told that the servants of God who live in the celestial city will have God’s name on their foreheads.

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The sacramental imagery is unmistakable: it is through baptism that our membership in the Church is “sealed.” And it is in baptism that we receive the “first installment,” if you will, of graces to come through life in the Church—particularly through frequent prayer and reception of the other sacraments.